Urgent Questionnaire!

Hi all, below I have made a questionnaire to ask you about a few questions concerning autism and how it affects young people’s lives for a survey of sorts. It would be very helpful if you could answer them with brutal honesty.

1: As a parent or carer of a child with autism, what are some difficulties your child can face when it comes to emotional expression and social communication? 

2: Do you feel as if there is an emotional barrier between you and the child, distancing you from each other through lack of communication?  

3: How does autism affect your child in terms of school life? 

4: Have you ever considered using interactive products as tools to develop your child’s emotional expression and communication?

5: Do you think your child would benefit from one? 

Thanks for taking the time to read through this.

Parents Reply
  •  - so this thread will be locked.

    (...Not so just yet, if I can Post here?)

    ...But at last, I was wondering if this would happen to this Thread --- BUT it is NOT a BAD Thread/Topic.

    ...To both Miss Mod and Miss Elephant, it would be nice to begin a new Thread asking the same questions... But probably not all at once... and mostly rephrased so that it is not obviously a "survey" or for, as Nicky-Mod says "for research purposes".

    Sorry I have no experienced answers myself, as I am neither a parent nor a carer; ...But, these are darned good questions which deserve answers, and then Miss Elephant poses yet more darned good questions, Thank You.

    (..."ASD Level 1" was the last Official thing I read upon this forum to describe "HFA". From the "Tony Attwood 2019" Thread.)