Does this count as Echolalia?

hi everyone,

I’m new and some background me and my husband strongly suspect (actually I am almost 100% certain about me) that we’re both on the spectrum 

once we started to learn about autism a lot of things started to finally make sense. 

Our 8 year old shows a lot of the same signs: sensitivity to noise, problems with eye contact (we both had separate tricks to teach them on how to avoid that), sensory issues, food issues, issues with routine and both reading and expressing emotions 

I’m making a list of things so we can look at getting a diagnosis as it’s fine right now but I can see secondary becoming upsetting (I’m also going to see about getting a formal diagnosis for me as well) 

but Kiddo has one trait which might be echolalia but might be just being 8 and I wondered if anyone could give me perspective on that. Kiddo doesn’t tend to say whole phrases or words that other people say but they do repeat their own words. Usually the beginning of a sentence example: “I I I I heard I heard I heard about about I heard about a cool minecraft mod I really want”

they do this a lot and is that echolalia or just being 8?