Don't even know where to begin.

Hiya im new and I'll go over and introduce myself shortly.. But I need help and advice from anyone who can advise me. 

My son is 8 he had speech delay and didn't start talking until late on. I always thought something was wrong but could never pinpoint it. He has been under senco at school on and aoff and last year went under it again and there was talk of dyslexia - nothing more mentioned. I got a support team involved who did an adhd screening but that got ruled out. Long story short I'm at breaking point. He doesn't listen doesn't maintain eye contact likes things to be his way or no way he struggles to maintain friendships he lacks the understanding .he takes things literal and doesn't understand the concept of danger. Anything out of the routine sends him in a tizz and I have constant battles everyday. He only eats soft food and has to have his soft comforter with him always. 

At school they say he's well behaved and socially has friends but I disagree as they don't hear the conversations and don't realise he has no friends out of school and in school id class them as acquaintances for the past year I've been wondering if he is on the autism spectrum possibly PDA??

I just don't know where to go from here as I keep getting fobbed off. 

Help please xx