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Dear Community,

We were pleased to see so many comments about the community on the recent thread about the Leader Board. We are always wanting to learn more about how we can develop the community and so have locked the previous thread so that all comments and suggestions about general improvements to the community can now be placed here on this thread.

Please comment here on any ideas, improvements or feedback you have about the Online Community. 

Please note that although we take on board all your ideas, we may not be able to implement all of them.

As always, please be kind and respectful when commenting to each other.


NAS Moderators

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  • since I'm not logged in permanently
    the workaround is probably to bookmark the main Community page.

    Greetings, anyone. I am not "permanently" logged in either -- I actually do not think that very many people do that...?

    What WebPM suggests as a workaround is what I have always done, and so I have had no trouble this way. However, I would note that I have never seen the point of checking your OWN Notifications unless you were Logged In. If this were enabled, then Every Stranger could do it, and that is not good.

    However, the last good point is hitting an Error Page (especially "PAGE NOT FOUND"). Even before I joined this Forum, I had noticed that NAS-WWW is absolutely Rife with these, which is why their WebSite is so (annoying) difficult to navigate. I, at least, have just learnt how to live with and avoid these "Dead Ends", and to try to find other routes.

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