Online Community - Comments, Improvements and Feedback

Dear Community,

We were pleased to see so many comments about the community on the recent thread about the Leader Board. We are always wanting to learn more about how we can develop the community and so have locked the previous thread so that all comments and suggestions about general improvements to the community can now be placed here on this thread.

Please comment here on any ideas, improvements or feedback you have about the Online Community. 

Please note that although we take on board all your ideas, we may not be able to implement all of them.

As always, please be kind and respectful when commenting to each other.


NAS Moderators

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  • I would like to see...

    A go to first unread button, so I don't have to scroll through the same replies over and over again to get to the new post.

    Better navigation guidance - I see latest posts and then when I log in it turns out they are months old...

    which brings me to...

    Please keep me logged in!  All other forums I'm on, I'm logged in most of the time.  Here, I login, then, if I close the browser/tab, I'm logged out and I have to go through the whole lot again.

     I'm a newcomer, but I find it immensely frustrating!

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