What would an ASD Utopia be like?

With BBC 4 showing a documentary in the coming days on our pursuit of Utopia...(http://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/latestnews/2017/bbc-four-utopia-season). Just for a bit of weekend grey matter exercise.....What would this utopian state be like in your opinion?

  • So my light hearted version of Utopia would have:

    Touch screen devices would definately be swapped for things with big clicky switches,

    Lights would dim as you look towards them,

    People would not actually be able to get to close to you, and would only be able to talk to you when you are ready to listen to them,

    Hairdressers would not talk to you or have mirrors,

    Supermarkets would let ASD people in when all the shelves are full, before they get ransacked by people who leave things in the wrong places,

    If politicians lie, or are proven not to understand they would be sacked immediately,

    Social media would not allow people to tell others what they have been doing if it is not some sort of life changing event. People who then break this and tell people every time they eat something would be silenced for a set period of time,

  • My more serious Utopia, or Autopia (Thanks Tom):

    A place of acceptance and no pressure to conform.

    I think everyone should have the same opportunity to learn about themselves, without judgement or pressure. Also bullying, persecution and hatred should be dealt with by banishment of the persecutors to a place where they cannot continue to harm peoples lives. Almost every problem in the world I see comes down to one of those 3 problems, but in a world where we are all part of the same human race, people should all have the same right to a life free from fear, and have the opportunity to live the life they want to live, within a single set of rules which should be set to properly protect the human rights of all people, regardless of orientation, religion and race

  • A kind of of humanitarian landscape but slightly anarchic ... who makes the rules?

  • So what are "our issues"?

  • Because Noddy won't pay the ransom. (Ancient Joke.)

  • Why have Elephants got big ears??

  • Is this elephant not autistic enough?..not diagnosed, but do I qualify for the boat trip?

  • You're off the hook! Stand down Spotty!

  • Where's Mr Tom when you need him! Lol

  • I'd sooner gouge my spots out than make a phone call! Stuck out tongue

  • This autistic elephant is holding its trunk ....so as not to offend the hyper- sensitive...

    so, are you going to phone channel 4, or shall I ask Spotty to make the call?

    and who will cut our hair?

  • my autopia could only work with individuals on the autistic spectrum,no neurotypicals,my thoughts are more about what would each of us be if we had not had ANY influence or difficulties put upon us by being different, I like your cross examination, I want to promote discussion,gives me some idea of how we would cope/argue. Don't want to fall out with anyone though.

    as for race or religion or sexuality I do not discriminate,

    really enjoying the discussion.Also show me an autistic elephant and it can join us on our island, 

  • Sorry Spotty -typo on my part...I meant them normal folk...

  • It helps when you know the script....

  • Is that only if we share the same special interest.....?  What about my question re. What stops normal folk understanding us...or even others of different radial, cultural, etc backgrounds.....

    would it turn into lord of the flies?

    my role would be redundant.....surely no elephant would exist in the room in a Utopia?

  • My point exactly,given we would all be in the autistic spectrum we would or should in theory work better together, in a small way I experienced something similar! I belong to a car forum and went to a yearly gathering of fellow owners of a particular make of car, it was so easy chatting to folks as so long as I talked about their car or mine we had a common link,add to that we all made special effort to attend the meet means we were all wanting pretty much the same from the experience, ok we were all individuals from all walks of life but a common link gave us a connection.To be honest I think quite a few could join autopia and be quite at home,obsessive about just one thing(make of car).knew every model every variation and spent hours polishing.

    I think we would all start to open up in our new safe community!

  • Neural typical - what common folk called normal...what ever normal means!

    do you think we'd do a better job? I'm being devils avocate here...please don't take offence..

    We tend to be very empathic but find difficulty articulating this...if those barriers are removed.....then Utopia...

    for normal folk...what are their barriers? And if these are removed...what happens?

    worth thinking about....

  • What is NP? I do hate all of these acronyms. I imagine we'd have differences and some conflicting personalities like any other community, maybe we'd be better at finding peaceful resolution?

  • But how would you rate capability in this Utopia....?  NP vs ASD?

    cue manichical laughter.....

  • "who makes the rules?" Well as we are all at different levels of coping I imagine some would be seen as more capable and would be democratically voted to carry out the communities rules. There would be problems of coarse because ultimately we are humans. Or are we???? Ha ha lol.

  • I know a lot of this is for fun but like I said on toms post I kept meaning to start a post not dissimilar to this,

    Basically would an island or community work if it had nothing but autistic spectrum people on it? Would it just be a parallel version of "normal" life? Still with it's issues but on our level?

    I like to think if we were left to our own devices much like on here we would start to be our true selves,even the not being touched thing might change as trust and understanding,empathy would slowly change our ways, I think if I could truly believe the person I was going to talk to was just like me I could look them in the eye as it would not in my mind be intrusion into my world, I had to do a job for a lovely old Yorkshire lady who said "my mum always said if you look into someone's eyes and ask them if they are honest you can tell" she looked straight at me and said the words, I kid you not I felt like she had crawled inside me and had a good route about, I didn't feel violated though which is how I normally feel? It was by far the only time I have ever stared into another's eyes. She did say I was a very honest man which she really meant.

    I can't help thinking most of our issues are"not belonging" so take that out of the equation and given time I think it would be  an autopia.

  • Elephants will definitely not be redundant! 

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