Dealing with child running away

Hi everyone,

I'm the father of a very energetic 11 years old Autistic boy (non-verbal). He loves to run around, jump over fences and run away to have adventures. Obviously when this happens it's very stressful and not always easy to find him, so can be a bit stressful for us and for him, as well as not safe.

Recently I found out about a device called AngelSense that is designed especially for Autistic children, with special sensory-friendly pocket to connect it to the child's clothes, and the ability to track the child's location wherever they are and easily find them via an app for the parents.

Unfortunatly it is not yet available in the UK so I talked to the company and they will allow us to bring it over here from next month. I would really like to know if there are any other parents or carers here that have a similar issue, and are interested in checking it out.

They are going to give us the new device, which is actually a small phone, it lets you find the child also in buildings, turn on an alarm on the phone (so you can hear him), listen in and talk to the child through the phone (without the child having to click to answer), and alerts when the child leaves their normal places.

I'd love to hear if anyone here has interest to try it ahead of everyone, or any other feedback you may have... 

  • Hi Ami

    how did the trial go?  

    Ive recently released my own solution for this as well.  check out [edited by moderator] and let me know if you have any questions



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