Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone out there is in to Dance - I AM A HUGH FAN. 

Since i was five, i have been going to ballet, disco, jazz and musical threatre dance lessons and loved it. Also, i have been to many venues - Royal Albert Hall, Butlins, Pontins, Blackpool (all in UK) and Disneyland Paris (France, obs). 

Also, what do you like about dance? i like it because it gives me freedom to be who i want to be and not worry about being different.

So, what lessons do you do? Have you been to any famous venues to dance with your dance school? 

Let Me Know! 

Belle x 

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  • I love the dance too bust mostly free style because i'm not good at dancing and lessons cost too much and i'm to shy to dance around people but when i'm alone then i get to shine and no one will judge me. but if i could learn to dance then i would the other problem is i just get tired out quickly.

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