Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone out there is in to Dance - I AM A HUGH FAN. 

Since i was five, i have been going to ballet, disco, jazz and musical threatre dance lessons and loved it. Also, i have been to many venues - Royal Albert Hall, Butlins, Pontins, Blackpool (all in UK) and Disneyland Paris (France, obs). 

Also, what do you like about dance? i like it because it gives me freedom to be who i want to be and not worry about being different.

So, what lessons do you do? Have you been to any famous venues to dance with your dance school? 

Let Me Know! 

Belle x 

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  • Hi  KillerQueen1971

    Well that is very interesting - but i dont count headbanging as dance (sorry!). 

    Like you, i dance where ever i go, when i was younger i use to dance in the aisles of the supermarket! Of course, i have to resits the urge to now, as the little kids all stare at me if i did! i also dance at home and in the garden to - i think its very fun. 

    I never heard of Mike Oldfield's "In Dulci Jubilo" before, but i check it out on youtube  

    And about the neighbours - dont worry about it, its your garden, you can do what you want in it! 

    Belle x 

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