Railways and trains

Anyone here a 'train spotter' or general rail enthusiast? I am myself... to the point I now volunteer at a heritage railway.

  • I love steam railways, and always have from my younger days.  These days I am not so much interested in spotting every train on the railway but more a case of photographing them in their full glory.  The perfect picture, alas, only exists in my mind but that does not stop me.

    I frequently go to lines round me - Severn valley, Great Central, Churnet Vallley, Foxfield, Chasewater.  Something about a locomotive in full steam, the smell, the sound. So evocative!

    And it is great that people like yourself volunteer.  Without you, the heritage railways would not exist.

  • I could say I am - although I'm only learning that side of things currently - I'm wayyy more into buses.

    Here in London we take the mick out of Southern and their delays xD I regularly ride Class 444 SWT trains to visit family in Hants, those trains are nice - whilst my native Poland is still littered with EN57 heaps made in late 60s and early 70s xD

  • I've actually seen a EN57 or two when I went to Germany in September and popped over to Kostrzyn in Poland; I'd imagine some might consider them classics.

  • I've an interest iin railways I think it started with my Dad, I did work on the railway from leaving school, til I got made redundant. I know at school I wanted to be a train driver or maybe join the RAF (Might seem odd career choices for a girlie). I think when I really developed my interest in railways was during the final operating days of the Deltics.
    My interst now is mainly in heritage diesel, steam and electric locomotives.
    I did see a volunteering opportunity to help with the overhaul of a Bulleid Pacific, however at the time I was without regular access to a car, tho I've since got some wheels back, and I sometimes share lifts with others who live 10 miles or so away. I might not be skilled  in engineering, but I love cleaning copper pipes very theraputic. I did also sell raffle tickets on the trains in September at an East Coast Diesels event) so free Deltic and 31 haulage as I was working. If I lived closer to the Nene Valley Railway I would volunteer there more often, working the trains, if it wasn't for the early starts firing up a steam locomotive , and then cleaning the ashpans out at the end of the day I'd volunteer as a driver, but seeing as I'm about 53 miles away it would be quite a long day.  Here's our locomotive if anyone's interested http://www.92squadron.co.uk/


  • I, sometimes, felt good in a quiet coach. Especially, if there were no other people.

    The new trains do not have coaches at all. Just one long train. There is no noise insulation like in the normal coach trains where the noise does not move from one coach to the next one. There are doors between them.

    Have you noticed that the quiet coaches are disappearing?

    I think this is absolutely horrible for the autistic people. I absolutely hate these new trains. If someone shouts somewhere, everybody on the train can hear that. No quiet coaches anymore at all.

    What do you think?