I have realised recently that i have random taste for music and like i like alot from classical, heavy metal, rock, dance, punk, and hip hop but when it comes to the performer ie band, singer or dj i only like one or two songs that they have done. There is a few bands that i like more than one song but not many just wondering what other  people think if they have the same view, only like one type music or just like one band and listen to only them. i just like that music its so varied each makes you feel and think differently. what are your views on music

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     "Anything anti-establishment, really!"

    Tell me you aint a loony lefy Tom, please! (Joking)

    Let's just say I'm not a raving rightie.

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    Um....Mediaeval Baebes?

    Hi lostmyway

    The medieaval baebes have been going since before the spys curls started and used to be referred to as a 'Medieaval Spice Girls'.  Apart from the fact that are all female there is not much comparison.  They do play instruments, their recorder playing is superb.  And they sing a lot of their stuff in strange tongues which no one would understand but that is not the point, it is the effect that is so compelling.

    By Yonder Lea: Mediaeval Baebes

    At present they perform the title music to the series Victoria on ITV.

  • They're sexy and sound good. 

  • lostmyway said:

    Um....Mediaeval Baebes?

    Nothing wrong with the Bæbes, though I prefer their weird gothic rock alter ego, Miranda Sex Garden.

    I'm mostly listening to Electric Six at the moment, who are so much more than the notorious Gay Bar.  Possibly the most prolific band I've listened to, and very amusing with it.

  • Hi as regards music I'm obsessed with Queen, Rolling Stones are another favourite. I also like Rock and Metal, Pink Floyd Black Sabbath, Deep Purple (tho not so much the David Coverdale era, he can't hit the high notes like Ian Gillan can )  Scorpions, Iron Maiden, Metallica , Judas Priest, Motorhead I was well sad when Lemmy and then David Bowie died especially in such a short space of time. Have some mainly  60's bands Kinks , The Animals.    I like Mike Oldfield, and Prog , ELP, Genesis, Marillion, I love Blues , I also own quite a bit of Classical, Elgar, Wagner, Beethoven & more. I like the electronica of Kraftwerk, I love how Autobahn , just soars and soars, and Gary Numan (I thought he was great live in 2009), I do have some Reggae and even some Eminem, tho I do have some 80's stuff before I got into Rock, I still have my Abba I bought or was given as a kid (I Haqve A Dream/ Take A Chance on Me was my first 45 rpm) Duran Duran , Howard  Jones (tho Howard did tour with Ringo Starrs All Star Band with ELP's Greg Lake and, he played Keith Emersons keyboard parts to Karn Evil 9" and that is one of the most difficult keyboard parts to play. I love the eccentricity of the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band. So I think there's probably something in my music collection for just about everyone.     

  • I don't watch the X Factor, tho I agree re Susan Boyle, she doesn't fit with the image of X Factor , but WOW!!! What an amazing voice. Tho I do feel she should've left Wild Horses to the Rolling Stones, massive Stones fan here!!!  

  • Hi PaleGrayKnight,

    Just like you, i have a random taste in music - from classical to audiobook (where a play or special interest i.e Horrible Histories is recorded and can be downloaded by the user, usually through spotify or Itunes). I have a 16g ipod that is practically full of music - usually with a good amount of songs just from one artist.  My favourite has to Daft Punk - youtube them, their amazing!

    I personally think music is the breath and life of people - without it, we will be pretty lost. it can affect our mood, our feelings and our prupose of life. 

    What do you think?


    Belle x 

  • Howard Jones playing with ELP?  Or rather JLP now I suppose.  The world's gone mad, etc.  I'm going to be disappointed if he doesn't have the mad hair and terrible jumpersfrom 30+ years back.

    And I guess I'm lucky to have seen Motörhead quite a few times: they never stopped being full of energy, though I admit I fell asleep during one of their shows.  Sadly not drunkenness, just fatigue from travelling there (bloody Hammersmith!)  I met Wurzel a couple of times afterwards.  Deaf as a post, but a really nice guy.

    I'm also reminded this isn't "my" avatar.  This site is so confusing sometimes!

  • No Howard hasn't become a member of ELP , just he was touring with Ringo Starr's All Star Band, and Greg Lake was also in this line up, that's where the Howard Jones/ELP connection is!!!

      OH yes Keith Emerson took his life, how sad that was, tho I can maybe understand why as a degenerative condition meant he found it painful to play keyboards, and when that's your love and life and you can no longer do it it's such a shame. R.I.P, Keith