Hello my son has been wakening every night now for the last lot of weeks.  He wakes screaming and very annoyed. He ranges from having to get up at say 4.30 and then back an hour or so later to just being able to peacify him in his bed by lying in with him.  He got his diagnosis in September but I dont really know if this is related to Autism.

Please advise a tired mum.



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  • hello, i have a little boy he is 22 mnths old and we are in process of diagnosis, my little boy doesnt sleep much he has between 4-6 hrs sleep a night he stays awake and mess's up his bedroom, he does the screaming and i dont know why he also bang on the walls n breaks objects in his room such as he toys, drawers pretty much anything he can reach. I really dont know what to do any suggestions please.

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