Hello my son has been wakening every night now for the last lot of weeks.  He wakes screaming and very annoyed. He ranges from having to get up at say 4.30 and then back an hour or so later to just being able to peacify him in his bed by lying in with him.  He got his diagnosis in September but I dont really know if this is related to Autism.

Please advise a tired mum.



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  • Hi, 

    My son is 5 and was diagnosed in August with autism.  He has always had to sleep with me and will not sleep on his own.  He has never woke up in the middle of the night screaming, but some nights it is very hard for him to go to sleep.  He will make continous motor sounds or finger movements before he can fall asleep.  Most of the time he has to be stroking my arm or feeling my skin as well.  When he was little he would get on his knees and have to rock back and forth with his head touching the wall before he could fall asleep.  I guess that is a sensory thing. I created a website for my son. It talks about the daily challenges we face.  I am hoping to get support from other parents that deal with this disability everyday!

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