Art and rocks

That's a general summary of my hobbies.  I like to do arts and crafts, but also collect stones.  So, if anyone has any information where in the UK I could go hunting for some nice stones I would welcome the information.  Such as a walk up near Golspie, apparently there is quartz and amethyst to be found around there, which really appeals to me.

As for art and crafts I am supposed to do it for relaxation and for something else to focus on.  My psychiatrist says it's a fantastic thing for me to do to help with my anxieties caused by being on the AS.  Many people have told me I should sell any art I do, but I'm really unsure of how to do that.  I also overthink sometimes and instead of going some art for about 3 hours I end up just sitting there thinking in my own head, which doesn't do me any good.

I would maybe like to use art and crafts as an additional income for when I maybe have kids one day, or as something to do in retirement.  I need something to focus on though, I can't just randomly do some art.  So, if anyone has some suggestions of what I can do I would welcome it.  I have discovered oil painting recently, but in the past I've mostly used acrylics and comic book markers.  I've also done some pencil drawings.  I'm open to any suggestions at the moment.

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