Does anyone else enjoy skating. I have started going to a quad roller skating group (discos!). I also now go to an in-line skating group which goes out into the parks in the better weather. I've always enjoyed ice skating although don't go that often as I could never find skates that didn't hurt my feet.

I find skating wonderful exercise and it is especially good for developing the 'core muscles' in the stomach area as well as strengthening the legs and improving the balance.

I have not been to any classes but in typical Autie or Aspie fashion I can learn by teaching myself and can now skate backwards.

  • Greetings to anyone here. This is a Four Year Old Thread, yet given the topic - Skating - anyone reading should still be doing it, at least at times...?

    I am asking - Here - if anyone then or now, ever or still now does RollerSkating (not Ice Skating), especially in London. Hyde Park and Battersea Park are the main places to do so. Good Fortune to All who do so anyway.

    (Edit. July 2018: I am re-posting this because it is 'The Season' for it right now. I originally posted this four months ago, before. I just want to know if I am alone or not, in being an Adult RollerSkater with Autism, who is upon this Forum. Ta very muchly.)

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  • Unfortunately, there isn't really anywhere that is completely flat

    Glad Tidings to DragonCat16! I mainly write a Thank You for at least someone else on this site doing so and responding that they do/did so!

    The Quote I give... this is true. Ice Skating and StreetSkating are different, I might say that one is (nowadays) artificial (a RINK) and the other is across hills, cobbles, grass, etc. I once heard a discussion about it, which ended something like: "Yeah Ice Skating is easy, but here, if you fall, you lose SKIN, man!" which all who heard it including myself thought was amusing at the time... (!)

    To end, though, I mainly wanted to know if I am/was alone (here) in doing this. I am/was trying to learn... but it is hard to learn how to do something  in front of hostile strangers (including children). I have written other Threads about "hostility", and so I only say here that I wanted to know if I was alone or not. Skaters are very supportive and friendly, but it is not enough to offset being targeted by hostile strangers.

    ...'Keep those knees bent!'      ;-)