Could we write the book?

I was wondering, if we could somehow as a group, contrive to write a book for people who hear one of the two the A words for the first time, at an inconvenient time in their lives. 

I thought perhaps we could precede it with a kind of "differential diagnosis" process over a few months, so as we come up with a tome that suits all emerging Autists.

But the effort would need some structuring and require some leadership, and possibly even access to different parts of the software that drives this forum or certainly a greater understanding of how better we can use it as a collaborative tool. It's beyond me as a solo effort, and I suspect many of us.

I think if we got it into the hands of the NHS, so that on the way home from your diagnosis, you could be reassured that there is a better future waiting for you, and be shown some practcial steps to get going in the right direction it would make the news a bit easier to take for some of us. We could include a section on metal ju-jitsu too, for when the normies do that thing they do... 

I'll bet with a well written "go-fund me", we could easily cover physical printing and worldwide distribution costs.

Any interest?

  • Well before I sign up, as it were, to the effort can you confirm a few things for me?

    we know who it would be for, people recently diagnosed with autism. But what would it be for? What information are we hoping to convey and to what end?

    are we:

    1. Trying to help autistic people understand themselves and their own traits?
    2. Giving them practical information about where to get support and how to enforce their rights?
    3. trying to help autistic people understand neurotypical people?
    4. other stuff I haven’t considered?

    some of these Id be more enthusiastic about than others.

    as for physical copies is that really needed? In this day and age for small runs electronic publishing is often cheaper and easier for people to access.

  • I’d be happy to make contributions on point 2 since legal protections for autistic people has been something of a focus recently 

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