Even I am getting annoyed with PC regulations now

I'm generally open minded and unprejudiced, so I was surprised when I got suspended from Twitter for this tweet. I've left mine and my friend's Twitter names on there because we have nothing to hide, we don't use racist names or anything. FFS. Can anyone shed light about why this tweet was so 'hateful'? I've appealed because it is so stupid.

  • It's the monkey emoji, it has racist connotations.

    You have to be very careful in some situations.

    Recently, a teacher was suspended and eventually sacked from a school.  His crime? He addressed his class as boys and girls, one of the pupils who considered themselves to be non binary, accused him of discrimination.  This lead to a full investigation etc.

  • The see no evil monkey on a post about Scooby Doo? That is ridiculous. If I'd put a monkey on a post about racist subjects, I could understand it, but I use that monkey (obviously) to show embarrassment. Why do they have the monkey emoji on their list if it's racist? Why not remove it?

    I'm not disbelieving you though, just saying it is stupid.

    Oh I see what you added there. Even I am starting to think this is going too far, when generally I approve of PC-ness.

  • outrageous, they should be banning all the paedophiles and racists rather than ordinary people just chatting with friends

  • Yes. I'm only on Twitter to....guess what...talk about my watching TV and film habits! Rolling eyesRolling eyes 

  • You know what I find triggering? PC nonsense like this. It makes my blood boil. People don’t seem to understand that others are not to blame if your miss understanding causes you to find something offensive. And that you didn’t have a right not to be offended in the first place.

  • What? I don't understand what you mean, there are too many nots and didn'ts, can you clarify?

  • Er where’s lojban when you need it. 

    people generically henceforth referred to as group A.

    other people A might be offended or otherwise upset by we call B.

    A may misunderstand something B has said or done and as a consequence take offence. we call this circumstance C.

    A does not seem to understand that B is not to blame for circumstance C.

    When A is offended by anything B has done whether or not they miss understood Bs actions / words we call this circumstance D.

    A does not understand that they have no general right to avoid circumstance D.

    does that help?

  • PC is a slippery slope, or rather a low traction decline if you prefer (*cough*) into authoritarianism, and it ultimately it serves to divide people further.  I expect the majority of people observe this going on in their day to day lives but say nothing for fear of being singled out.  Imagine losing everything because of some perceived transgression as minuscule as the one above, it's ridiculous.

  • Not really, no. lol. But I will assume that you understand why I am annoyed/ confused about being banned from Twitter due to something so silly. Slight smile