Anyone invest in crypto ?

I have a few just was wondering if anyone else is also into it.

  • aye i been in it since the first corona dip, which its gone up massively since then.
    it influenced my life and plans, the dips we had motivated me more to get a job so i can have income to more ignore the massive thousands worth of money going down in dips lol while now my crypto funds i now have in  mind for buying a house or at least a deposit on a house.

    crypto really does elevate and help the poor and is a ladder up.... ofcourse with all ladders up the rich elite and establishment will kick it down one day as they cant be having anyone succeed in life or have a helping hand to get anywhere right?

  • Incorrect. Most of "the poor" cannot afford the equipment or the electricity needed to acquire crypto. It remains a tool of the 'elite' to control those who think that they have deviated from the norm.

  • oh please everyone in the entire world has electric and internet these days.... you see those homeless on the street? they have iphones.... and then you dont believe me and then when you see one have a iphone youd probably call them fake homeless and accuse them of being frauds and ruin their chances of getting a meal lol

    times have moved on.... everyone has iphones now... even in africa... even the homeless.... look at every single refugee coming in, they all have fancy iphones or android phones... everyone is connected, aside from older generations like perhaps my parents generation, but even my parents are connected, just my uncle isnt and remains in the caveman ages not due to lack of electtric or anything but due to his own old fashioned stuck in the 50s attitude... hell even the only things he watches on tv are the very old stuff like only fools and horses re runs and murder she wrote lol

    connectivity isnt a problem for anyone these days, its just old fashioned people now that refuse to get with the times. the homeless are more connected than even a billionaire who remains old fashioned.

    and there is no issue with the norm of conformity.... thats not a thing in this topic.... this isnt a edgy trend, it maybe to the old fashioned, this is merely making money, and everyone wants that. this should be the norm and be more widely accepted and used to get a leg up in society. but i suppose if it was then perhaps it would be over and be eternally sideways like the stock market.... think of crypto as the stock market... but the early stock market.... early stock market you can make lots of money, stock market now its widely accepted and used you cant make a single penny off it unless you pump billions into it as all you get in stocks are 1% movements per year now lol crypto will be like that eventually, but now its early.

    furthurmore.... you may even think the same of the stock market and think you have no part in that.... but if you have pension or anything, or even money in bank, sorry to say your pension provider and even your bank provider takes your money and invests into stock and crypto, thats how you get interest on it, crypto becoming more accepted now, your money in the bank your bank probably is using to buy and sell crypto with.... why should you let banks and pensions use your money on crypto and stocks to make them money while you be left out and not do it for yourself? either way your money is still being gambled on this stuff as all institutions you keep money with use your money on stock and crypto. stocks they been losing alot on due to the wallstreet bets thing of which is inspired by crypto getting people into finance and increasing partiicpation.

  • A phone isn't powerful enough to generate crypto. The machinery alone starts at thousands of pounds. Then there is the connection fee for very broadband to UP and DL the required algorithms/data/equations etc.

    Incorrect again, not everybody has iphones. When did connectivity come into it? You were talking about crypto. It seems another assumption is incorrect, not everybody wants to make money, for many people enough is enough.

    An item of value, a Bitcoin say, is only worth what a person will pay for it. 

  • dont need to generate crypto... i didnt generate crypto... i just clicked a little buy button and held it, and waited for it to raise in price by 10000% lol

    every majour trading exchange has a phone app now to buy and sell on.... coinbase is probably easiest as i started there, very simple site and they have a phone app that you can make account on and click the little easy buy button and hold it. 

    dont need to generate, just need to buy/invest and hold it and wait for it to gain in value. 

    generating crypto isnt generally worth it unless you have a factory full of expensive computers anyway... most people making money off crypto dont generate crypto, are not crypto mines... the mines are a very small minority, and yes theyd be multi trillionaires off it by now. the common folk however mainly just click buy, and then hold it for like a year or so, then click sell when its rose in profit.

    i suppose a scammer can generate crypto by infecting other peoples computers with remote bircoin miner malwares... that is one way for common people to generate crypto, but yeah generating it isnt really a thing anyone should bother with... and thinks like that PI crypto that you can download to your phone to mine off your phone id not advise that as to mine crypto it destroys your device, it will cost you a bricked phone for like $10 of PI or whatever lol so i dont reccomend mining at all unless your rich company with a factory of computers. can still make a ton of profit buying and selling on exchanges, no need to generate crypto.

  • infact i heard many stories of homeless people who got offered 1000s of bitcoin as a donation ages ago and refused it thinking they couldnt use it and it was worthless. that would have been the ultimate turn around for them.

  • Off topic / aside:  (made me smile, reading it ...)   "Very old stuff" ... Only Fools & Horses etc.  I'm 48 and I like re-watching Hitchcock's series as well as the usual movies, and The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits.  Champion the Wonderhorse lol.  Ooh - Time Tunnel, The Land of the Giants, and of course Lost in Space.  Sargent Bilko!  Love Bilko. MASH.  Brilliant series. Cartoons like Top Cat, the Flintstones.  Children's stuff like the Banana Splits.  Ivor the Engine.  Mr Benn.  Bagpuss.

    I've collected over 2400 movies so far, going back to the 1920's, and have in various states of quality and completion over 500 series.   Very eclectic too.  Expensive interest!  I love TV.  I love Data lol.  Information.  And all the way up to modern day of course.  

    It just tickled me that something so recent as Only Fools & Horses and Murder She Wrote would seem "very old" to some.  Slight smile  Eeeee ... Columbo.  Love Columbo. First one aired in 1968 I think.  Yeahhh ... 60's is still relatively recent I'd say lol.  Oh gosh ... Quincy MD!  I still haven't got Quincy.  Gonna take decades before I complete my collection.  Then there's all the clips of things that home users captured on VHS and posted online here & there that are no longer or never were available to purchase  ... still gotta sort them.  Recent programmes within the last couple of decades are often unobtainable.  Dreamspaces - architecture programme.  Only have poor copies of some of that.  :( Some Cilla Black on Blind Date lol.  Various game shows.  News reports. Etc. etc.  Good memories.  Safe, comfortable memories.  A kind of alternative reality, depending on your philosophy of what Reality is, since I'm not sure how to "prove" reality "is" or if it "is" then what it "is" exactly.  

    Something I really miss is Harold Lloyd.  Made me laugh as a kid watching re-runs on BBC 2.  Another expensive acquisition when I can manage it. At least it's available.

    Anyway.  Only Fools and Horses.  Practically yesterday, my son.  Pull the other one.  Rodders.

  • aye he watches columbo too aha

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  • not really.... the chinese digital yaun is what we call a stable coin, meaning it wont raise in value, meaning its the same as just buying the standard chinese yaun and thinking you will get a profit, or in crypto terms its like putting all your money into USDT and thinking that will raise lol, i mean you maybe can but thats more forex trading and forex trading is best on a forex site and is only profitable with large sums of money and high leverage to make cash off the tiny differences of movement between a chinese yaun and a us dollar pair.