3 Good Things

I decided that I'm going to write about 3 good things which happened to me today, and do this when I feel like it. Hopefully everyone will join in. The world is scary these days but sometimes good things happen.


1. I love watching motor sport and I found out I can actually watch a MotoGP race free and live next Sunday!!! Usually it is on a paid channel so I can't afford it but FOR ONCE I will be able to watch free and live!

2. I had my hair cut for the first time in 10 months. I had half of it chopped off because it was below my shoulders. I hate having long hair. I like short, neat hair, a kind of bob. My daughter said I now look like a 1920s movie star!

3. I got an email from a friend I had at school. She is a high-powered business woman, I am a stay at home mum, and pre-covid she was a bit snooty with me when I tried to reconnect and I'd given up on her. But she seems to have changed over the last year (haven't we all) and she seems to have turned back into the friend I used to love.

What 3 good things have you experienced in the last day/ week/ month? However small.

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    1. I found I had friends who would support me through a difficult time. I don't have many friends, but the last couple of days I've reached out and they have been there for me.

    2. I sent an email to my Line Manager asking for more help in our department. I've been wanting to do it for a long time and it may be that they just won't listen, but I feel like I am on a mission.

    3. I work with some great people. Sure we are all a funny bunch and different too. But I feel lucky to work with them.

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  • nice post!

    my turn ;-)

    well i've been open to my family about me being autistic, and they've all been so accepting. i live at home and have been stimming lots and yes some of my siblings (i've got five) find it annoying (and some avoid me once i get going lol) but mostly they're okay with it. this is great news as i won't have to mask at home anymore and can be much much more myself. and stimming is very calming for me as well so my anxiety should be a bit easier to manage....

    well yes that's only one positive but it's so good itll do for today!

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    1. DWP/PIP: I got a letter from DWP/PIP advising me that they were increasing my Personal Independence Payments. I was totally taken by surprise as everyone had told me that the opposite would be the case. 

    2. FAMILY: My family came to visit and we talked about a foreign holiday after 21 June. We looked at some photos and videos of different locations and discussed ways to get there.

    3. COFFEE: My cappuccino pods arrived this morning and so we all had cappuccinos.

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  • Regular gratitude is a great virtue and helps us become more optimistic about the future.

    1) I love that I had the opportunity to help parents understand their Autistic daughter.

    2) I love that my friends are supporting me as I’m moving onto a new course in life.

    3) I love learning more and more on a daily basis.

  • That's so brilliant about the friends! Friends are so important. And work colleagues. Finding a good workplace is gold.

    Good luck with the line manager.

  • Oh yes one thing is fine! Glad to hear about your family Slight smile

  • I've been struggling so much lately and finally some nice things have happened. So I'm celebrating them and hoping other people have good things happening.

    Yours are all good!