What TV shows do you like?

Are there any shows that are helping you get through the strange days we're living through?

I like those reality competitions e.g. the Bake Off, Sewing Bee, Best Home Cook, Pottery Throwdown etc. And things like Bridgerton and Winx, which are total fantasy escapes from reality.

I also remembered Detectorists. Does anyone watch that? A nice, subtle series with nothing horrible happening.

  • Hehe, I'll check it out later :-) My husband and I do impressions of him talking about happy little trees etc, we know all his catchphrases :-)

  • i have a bfa in painting........... bob ross is terrible for painting! he is not a painter and is doing fine art a disservice to painters ..................................bla bla....lol... (joking)

    note: i am so jealous of that guy.........!!! i'd love to be in some stupid art class painting his happy little trees. he's a cool dude. i saw him comment once, somethhing like "i remember when i was so serious about painting...." and then he began painting his happy little what nots. 

    he's cool, although i don't watch him much now.

  • superstore, double down on that!

    i just don't get the big bang theory, tho

    the office (colony version, not uk one)

    and since i have anxiety issues, i like certain cooking shows because in cooking shows, there's never drama, no killing, no insulting, no yelling or screaming, no hiding in the bushes to kill someone............etc. although there are certain pompous chefs....

  • i just don't get the big bang theory, tho

    “A neutron walks into a bar and asks how much for a drink. The bartender replies, “for you, no charge!”  Smiley

  • The X files 

    Criminal Minds 

    Law & Order Criminal Intent. 

    Man Down (comedy. It's on Netflix) 

    Schitt's  creek (comedy also on Netflix) 

    The Killing (the Danish version with subtitles) 

    Trapped (Icelandic with English subtitles is on amazon prime) 

    And at the moment The Forest on Netflix (French with English subtitles) 

  • oh, man,... i mean, i understand the joke... i guess it's a pun, in actuality. man, just don't find it funny.  for me, it's like a bank statement. i guess i wonder if asd folk (like me) are super binary, and a joke is either funny, or not, on or off.  for NT's, they seem much more willing to laugh at things that might be in the gray area (i'm not saying the BBT is gray), whereas some aspies (me) are very --- yes or no, on or off. no gray.

    also, maybe partly thanks to my asd, i like really coarse, off color humor, the sort of jokes that can really turn NT people off. and i've always thought my sense of humor was incredible, but wondered why others might not like it...

  • Ah, the X-Files.... I loved that show (Fringe also scratched the X-Files itch). Really enjoyed the Killing too.

  • Face palm That joke has a destiny in a very unique kind of christmas cracker Slight smile

  • Thanks, I'll try Superstore. Oh yes, The Great is growing on me, didn't like it at first. But doesn't the actor playing Peter, look like a young Tom Cruise? Unbelievable, he could be his son!