What TV shows do you like?

Are there any shows that are helping you get through the strange days we're living through?

I like those reality competitions e.g. the Bake Off, Sewing Bee, Best Home Cook, Pottery Throwdown etc. And things like Bridgerton and Winx, which are total fantasy escapes from reality.

I also remembered Detectorists. Does anyone watch that? A nice, subtle series with nothing horrible happening.

  • I don't really watch a lot of TV shows, I mainly watch documentaries. I used to watch a lot of, Doctor Who, Star trek, Star Trek The next generation, and all the other Star treks, Still game, All the CSI, Game of Thrones, South Park,     

  • I really got into Enterprise once they had the whole xinidi-shoot-earth thing going on. Mixed feelings about how the show compared with other Trek's. On the one hand I'd like to have seen it enjoy a longer run, on the other - the format was too similar to other Treks.... and the arc of DS9 was a hard act to follow. 

  • Awesome, Yeah I've always love Deep space nine, I never got into the new one, Discovery, But for me, the original, the next generation and Deep space nine, are my favourites.. 

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