Need advice urgently

Hello, can anyone help me please with what support my 24 year old son can have at work for a meeting? He raised or should I say I helped him with a grievance against him supervisor who treats him badly, she is a bully in my opinion! They’re now acting on this grievance with an investigation which my son has to attend on his own on Thursday morning whilst he’s at work. He is not aloud to have any representation at this stage but he will go into that meeting and not know what they’re talking about!? Can we insist under the disability act 2010 that he should have representation?

Im so worried for him as I think they’re trying to get him out!?

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  • Thank You, I spoke to my son last night about it but I worry from what he said to me what he plans to say. He more or less blames himself, I told him it’s not his fault that his supervisor doesn’t understand him. Only a few minutes to go before the meeting starts, fingers crossed Fingers crossed 

  • My advice would be to take as much time as he needs answering.

    To take pen and paper in to make his own notes.

    He can write down the question if needed and take as much time to answer if needed. Even working out an answer on paper before saying it.

    He can even write on the notepad a reminder like "saying less is more" - something like that.

    Sadly, words can't be taken back and some of us with autism have a habit of 'spilling out' too much info.

    I think less is more should be relatively ok. We probably can be nearly certain that his work will be holding back what they have done.

    The taking one's own notes also helps to keep them honest. If taking one's own notes, one can compare one's own notes with HR's and if there's a key difference there, you have grounds to question procedure again.

    Plus, the psychological effect of taking one's own notes makes them know you're taking things seriously and it helps hold back any 'attacks' or overly sharp questioning.

    I guess this part is sort of 'advanced skills' in a way. It worked reasonably well for me.

    I guess the meeting is probably happening/happened, but I'll keep this here as it might be useful as things go on - or for others reading this thread.