Driving anxiety

Hi. I feel so uncomfortable even writing about this issue of mine. I've had a drivers license for about ten years and I drove for about three years right after I got my license. During these three years I was very anxious behind the wheel and started getting panic attacks while driving. I gave up and stopped completely as it was both physically and mentally so exhausting. Even thinking about driving now makes me want to cry. In the past few years I have tried driving twice in rural, quiet areas with a friend's car, but both attempts ended in anxiety induced tears. I happily use public transport and even cycle when there's separate cycle paths available, but not being able to drive has had a major impact on relationships, traveling and my career progression. I haven't been able to see friends and relatives as often as I'd like to because I can't drive, I haven't been able to go on roadtrips, I have not been able to take on new amazing job roles because they required me to drive. Now me and my partner are looking to move outside the town and the only way to get around is driving. I went through some CBT but it didn't work for me. Does anyone have any advice how to get back into driving and somehow get rid of the anxiety around it?