Who are the subscribers?

I know they are people subscribing to the posts/threads but are they people who are registered on this forum themselves? There doesn't seem that many people on here.

  • Hi, I think a lot of people join, use it once or twice, and leave. Some have stayed a long time. It could be because of the five topics. The parents and carers and health threads maybe attract a lot of one time users who are desperate to find an answer, but not stay and chat.

    The adults and miscellaneous ones are used more by those who hang around. Sometimes it's gets too much and forum burnout can cause someone to take a break for a few months. Others are using it more in winter, just because.

    I have a full time job and a partner who doesn't like me spending too much time on here in case 'it makes me act even more autistic' so I have to sneak in when I can.

    I sometimes want a live chat room but can't find anything convenient, I can't stay up as late as others seem to.