any advice for me is truely welcome please.

My grandson is 9 years old and autistic.  It has been a long struggle but have finally got a diagnosis.  I do a lot of the caring as both his mum and dad both work on front line services which involves various shift work.  In February 2020 we all had a meeting at my grandsons school because his behaviour was causing problems.   He was using the N word which we understand is not acceptable.  However, this language has only been learnt within the school and is never ever used by any of our family.  The head teacher stated that she has to inform the authorities and this will be on record and that the parents could possibly face charges.  At this same meeting the SEN said she would start the ball rolling immediately for a "Carers Package" in school. Lock down came into force and the parents have not had any feedback re this package.  They telephoned the education department only to be told that the package has never been applied for  and is now unlikely to be approved this year.  Can anyone give me any information of who or where to go for assistance, the school just do not seem interested in anything requested for special needs children.

There is a younger sister who is at a different school, she and parents have received six telephone calls from teachers and the headmaster and offers of assistance have been given during the lock down but not one call from my grandsons school and he is the one who is in need of this most.

Sorry if I've gone on a bit but I am at my wits end trying to find some help before it is too late.  My grandson is already being bullied and we don't seem to be able to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

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