What is one of yor happiest memoies?

Mine is when I went on holiday with my famiy in 2011. It was our last really nice holday and has always had a specil place in my heart since then. That memory always make me smile. It was really happy times and everyone was really happy and havng fun. Whnever i think about it it makes me so happy. it was a really happy and special time in my life and i dont want to ever forget it.

what is on of your hppiest memories?

  • Going on everyday walks with my partner, each walk adds up to another bit of the memory. It's a lovely recurring happiness feeling. 

  • Every Christmas eve my mum would create a Snowy, Glittery footprint next to hearth so i had a footprint of Santa to wake upto.

  • Happiness eludes me.

    Most of my childhood was full of pain and misery.  I couldn't decide which was worse, home or school.

    Loneliness was constant,  and being lonely, while surrounded by other people was even worse than being alone.

    As a child my happiest memories will have been my stay at a special school.

    More recent memories are of long walks in the country, alone.

    Relationships are  a mess.