What are your pet peeves?

My pet peeve are things said all too commonly that is all too common...

When someone says something like, “When the dinosaurs all died,” or when someone looks at an alligator and goes, “is this the only chance we’ll ever get to see an animal so close to a dinosaur?” 

Or the other day when looking though books I might want to read i came across a title of a book that sounds interesting, but the title bugged me, “voyage of the turtle: in pursuit of the earths last dinosaur.” 

Why does this bug me? Because we still have dinosaurs with us today, you see them in your gardens. Birds are literally Dinosaurs. They’re theropods (the same lineage as T-Rex! But they evolved from smaller theropods than T-Rex) 

another pet pet peeve of mine is when someone sees a massive animal and they say, “it could be a dinosaur it’s so big!” 

Because even before birds there were small Dinosaurs, for example Microraptor. 

I also have a pet peeve about myths in general. An even worse pet peeve is when there is a myth that something is a myth if that makes sense. Lol. 

So so what are your pet peeves? 

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