I’m just wondering how many of us are creative.

I write poetry and I’m currently working on a novella. I’ve found that creativity helps me with some of my anxiety issues. 

  • I think of myself as a creative bodger. It's a skill you develop when you are working alone in remote places, and have a task to finish, but few tools to do it with. I do like the idea of  creative writing, But it would inevitably be me being a bodger, rather than a blogger; and so most probably, not to most people's tastes. But I do it anyway, for my own satisfaction. Yes, it relieves anxiety.

  • I'm a semi professional illustrator and artist with a BA Honours in illustration, to be honest being creative stresses me out nowadays haha. but i guess when i am creating something with a new process it becomes fun and the ego aspect disappears because it's okay then for me not to be any good yet. . .  but when it is something i have been working on for years it can become irritating to make mistakes.

    but yeah for sure creativity will help you out that's why creative therapies are a thing

  • Oh yes; together with walks in the countryside, getting absorbed in something creative is what keeps me sane. I'm a bit of a "serial hobbyist", so over the years, I've dabbled in quite a lot of different things...

    • Drawing and painting. This was my first love; I was always drawing when I was a young child. Later on, in my adult years, I took up oil painting for a while, painting mostly abstracts.
    • Photography. I've done this on and off since before my teens, and I've collected some decent second-hand SLR kit over the years. I especially like making pictures of things which most people don't usually see day-to-day - e.g. extreme close up photography (macros) and a bit of infra-red.
    • Music. I started messing about on plastic home keyboards as a kid, then moved on to song-writing and playing bass/drums in punk bands in my late-teens. I gave up public performance because of the strain on my nerves, but I still play a lot at home, using my computer and looping pedals with my bass.
    • Coding. I've been writing computer code since I first had a ZX Spectrum in the 80's. These days I mostly code musical effects and synths to use in my own music, and bit and bobs to share with other coders.
    • Models. My room as a kid was full of Airfix airplanes, though I used to get rather cross at my Mum for snapping off aerials and propellers when she insisted on dusting them!
    • Lego! Until home computers were invented this was my favourite - anything from cars and trucks with technical Lego to using it more sculpturally to make animals. I've just recently treated myself to a couple of kits and got back into it after a 30 year break.

    Like , I'm also an avid bodger. As I've rarely had much spare cash in adulthood, I've quite often made my own furniture (functional though rarely pretty!), and I'll always have a go at fixing something myself before throwing it away or calling a professional.

  • I have written scripts for a TV drama that I created. I have sent it off to different production companies but have been knocked back every time.

    I have also started to write a book about a fictional version of myself. I drew inspiration from Boon, The Equalizer, Columbo (To name a few).

  • I think of myself in line with the famous Steve Jobs quote about the "Crazy Ones".

    Coming up with ideas for things based on a visual awareness of objects - how things work as an engineer and could it be easier to understand/maintain.  Also some wild assed thoughts and inopportune moments.

    Then, writing code since the days of Sinclair Spectrum, Commodore 64, Oric Atmos, Dragon 32, BBC Micro for different things before realising how to implement my knowledge to make my and other life easier in work.  For each put down I get I can think of something that contradicts that perception and feel success at the little victories in the improvements I have implemented/shared.

  • I write and do photography. Only really nature photography, specifically birds but any other wildlife too. 

    I have tried writing novels. Written a few short stories I deemed at least okay enough to share on a blog. 

    Write poetry, mostly just short poetry. 

    I completed one story recently that was essentially a fictionalised version of myself in a fictionalised version of my home town. It didn’t come out quite how I wanted it though. Still I felt the character was okay enough to share on a blog. But it was supposed to be at least a novella but I ran out of ideas or ‘steam’ as people say. 

  • I have my own children's theatre group. I direct shows but have also written a few plays and pantos.

    I also teach music at a primary school and teach piano. 

  • I like to think I'm very creative actually. I write stories and create wonderful and unique characters. And I also sing and write songs. I also love photography and take pictures whenever I can. Here's some I took recently.

      mist in the valley.

    And beautiful sunset

  • most dangerous

    Ha ha - yes! Crossbows were my particular favourite - I snapped quite a few of my Lego beams by stressing them a little too far (most of the rest were ruined by chewing, even well into my teens!)