What’s the weirdest dream you’ve ever had?

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What’s the weirdest dream you’ve ever had?

I’ll start, though mine was slightly more night terror than dream! One night last year I was dreaming that I was looking around my grandparents old house, except that there was an extra bit of house at the back, behind where the stairs were, so I went to explore it when suddenly a ghost jumped out and grabbed me by the wrists! I could physically feel something holding my wrists too, I remember physically shaking myself to wake up! Had to sleep with the door ajar for a few weeks afterwards too!

  • I suffer from ultra-vivid dreams every night - often two or three every night.    Some are quite pedestrian, others are a bit more off the wall.

    I've been buying French cottages - doing structural inspections in the barns with all the smells of damp and dust, one used to be a butchers where the years of cooking geese had impregnated the walls with yellow fat - I've been in Bristol docks with friends throwing beer bottles into the water - only for them to be told off by two policemen from their submarine Fiat 500 that was camouflaged and hiding in the water, I've been in all sorts of wars and battles and I've been shot & injured many times, I've been the only one who can see that attacking troops are actually wearing hologram exo-suits to make them look more invincible, I've been almost run over by a speeding Range Rover that was escaping from a Spielberg-style UFO - I could go on and on!.   My nights are 'eventful'.

    The only problem is they don't delete in the morning - so I'm left with the memories and emotional feelings as though they are all real and have actually happened.    Some are obviously not real - the attacking spaceships etc. but others are too close to reality to spot the difference.

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