TV plots disturbing me.

I am now finding myself severely affected mentally, by the plots in TV programmes.   Sometimes for opposite reasons.

Last night, or should I say this morning. I watched an episode of a touch of frost, from midnight to 2am.  I couldn't sleep after that.

The main plot was kidnapping & murder and some petty unpleasant characters.  I was watching and waiting for further twists and turns in the plot.  That never came.  The bad guys were predictable and awful, the police were third rate and inept.  And I was very upset and disturbed .

Last month I was equally upset when watching the final episode in series one of the American /Canadian drama, 'Mary kills people '.  There the problem was that the final twist in the episode took me totally by surprise. 

So a predictable plot upsets me and an unpredictable twist also upsets me.

I'm in a mental mess and can't sleep.