Near Troll posts

This post has been removed by a Moderator as it contravenes Community rule 5 regarding duplication.

  • Maybe you could hint at the thread/topic you think this is happening on without 'calling out' the person you think may be trolling?

    Also, bear in mind (and this came up during the most recent round of alleged trolling & abuse...) it's possible that someone could be posting whilst heading into a meltdown or suffering overload which could cloud their judgement.

    Further, we're a blunt bunch who call a spade a 'long handled digging implement, usually having a rectangular metal 'blade' with a shallow concavity' and that bluntness + a bit of 'passion' about the subject could plus the tendency for black/white thinking lead to unintentionally being seen as 'trolling'...

    But it could also be genuine trolling and if so should be reported to the moderators.

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