Does anyone else have a massive problem with food textures?

Will writes

Does anyone else have a massive problem with food textures? I hate liquify or runny food like coleslaw, just looking at it makes me feel ill. I would rather look at a dead body than some of the food in the world.

It makes it really difficult for dinners and restaurants if I ever go with anyone. The taste often isn’t the matter it’s the texture, like bananas, I won’t eat bananas because of the texture but I do like the taste so I’ll have banana flavoured stuff like milkshakes or muffins.

Does this occur in anyone else’s lives.

  • I hate mayonnaise will. I can smell it in the next room.

    It was put on my burger by accident once and washed off.

    I could smell it before I took a bite. And nearly was sick.

    Personally, I would prefer if mayonnaise was removed from the planet. But it does not mean I do not like mayonnaise eaters.

    I can feel some of you hate me already. :D

    why do I hate it, 

    1. it's not hard or watery. (I used to love ketchup but too much sugar and e numbers.)

    2. the texture is odd.

    3. the stuff you get in jars/sachets is not real mayo. go eat the real chef made french stuff

    4. the vinegar, is too much

    5. it's love hard egg white. only egg yolks should be runny. runny egg white is a waste of a meringue.

  • Yes!

    Bananas are terrible! I just won't even try banana! I did try once... And I will never try again! Banana flavour is fine though... And banana bread when it's cooked in the mix and doesn't have banana texture... But actual banana texture is just terrible!

    I don't like oranges, tomatoes, cucumber, onions, grapes... Most fruit and vegetables really though I do like garden peas...

    I don't like meat texture.

    I don't like bits in things or things mixed together or sauces on things.

    I struggle with yogurts unless they are a particular texture.

    I don't like rice pudding.

    I don't like things that feel sticky on my teeth.

    I can't drink hot drinks.

    Cereal must not go soggy!

    I could probably write an essay about issues with textures!

  • yes!

    Rice pudding is like, devils food, the texture is disgusting.

    I find some foods I can eat in one form and not another.

    For example, I love the flavour of almonds but marzipan makes me gag and want to vomit.

    I like the taste of coconut but the texture also makes me want to vomit, even the sight of a coconut makes me feel sick, the thought of eating a chocolate bounty bar is repulsive but coconut milk in a curry is fine, weird, go figure?

  • As a young child, I used to have a very strong aversion to stewed rhubarb, boiled potatoes, rusks, boiled and baked apple. The apparently logical reason at the time was that I was given these things ad nauseaum because I had an acute form of  jaundice. Those things just about kept me alive, but I learnt to hate them with a vengeance for quite a few years thereafter. I certainly used to gag on rhubarb and baked apple. And i sometimes had a minder who seemed to think it was essential for me to eat these things under rather stern pressure, even though my body seemed to react quite heavily against them. But most of those things are now very acceptable, but I still try to avoid rhubarb. Perhaps because the rest of the family seem to think it is ambrosia. I'm very keen on coleslaw and bananas though. There is actually very little i won't eat and enjoy, even though i seem to have an allergy or two. But yes, I do seem to think that the rhubarb thing is something to do with texture; as I hate some tropical fruits of similar texture. But love very aromatic and spicy food/things. (But when it comes to some cosmetics and haircare products, i really do go out of my way [Mr Bean style] to avoid them.) Come to think about it, i also used not to like custard or rice pudding with a skin on them, but perhaps that was something to do with them often accompanying the dreaded rhubarb. i should add that i have eaten rhubarb in recent years and quite enjoyed it, but that was perhaps because it is favored by some airlines as a means to settle the stomach; and is additionally prepared in a less slimy manner than is traditional. Coconuts, avocados, rice pudding, and almonds are all things that help to keep me relatively sane; I love them. I also note I used to have a problem with foods that were a bit stringy because they had been picked a bit too late. But not any longer. Now, I am of the opinion that fibrous foods are the staff of life! One certainly can adapt over the decades!