"Different as Pie" YouTuber?


Seeing as I STILL haven't had my account deleted, I asked 6 days ago and had email contact - yes I'd like my account completed deleted, not deactivated but DELETED - I can still log in. How long does it take?!!

Anyway, seeing as I'm still here, a question. I'm still researching everything and wondering what to do if anything, I came across a YouTuber called "Different as Pie" something really clicked and I'd love to watch more of her videos but she only did 3. Does anyone know if she's done anymore under a different name or has a blog or anything. Her videos are really easy to to watch. I know there's tons of others out there, but some of them there's far too much info, too wordy, too fast and too many hand gestures just not so easy to follow. 


Ps I'd still like my account deleted, PLEASE.