Does anyone else find it difficult to make decisions? It feels like the more mundane the choice the more difficulty I have. For example, if I want to buy a birthday card for my sister, I'll go to the shop and they'll be hundreds of options. So I'll narrow it down to something she'll like - cats for instance. But they'll still be 20 cards with cats on. I know that it doesn't matter which card I get. Its just the act of receiving a birthday card that matters. However I will stress over which is the "best" card, even though there is no wrong or right answer. What eventually happens is I get so stressed over choosing the right card I will just leave the shop without buying anything. I have indecision with a lot of things but it's definitely worse with decisions that have no consequences. It's almost as if my brain has to find the most logical correct solution and if there is no clear distinction between the options it just freezes.