Building lasting relationships

When our relationship to one another is based, not on what we deserve or have earned, from one another, but on what lies within our hearts to give or share with one another ~ not only money, but all the courtesies of life: co-operation, forgiveness, understanding, mutuality, trust, kindness and helpfulness ~ then, and then only, will that relationship be permanent. A pure gift of the spirit, a pure offering of ourselves. Love in action 

Do one kind act for somebody else today, just for the joy of spreading some loving kindness ️ of course you don't have to and maybe it's you that needs some loving kindness, if so, do a kind act for yourself and be open to receive loving kindness from others and the universe at large. When we ask and are open to receive, we will be given.

I'm sending love to all of you today and I'm having a few moments of silence to hold a space for all those who are struggling right now, in one way or another, because none of us can rest, until all people are living in peace ️