Anyone else having issues with the website?

I often can't reply on the forums unless I press ctrl+f5 to reload the page - otherwise it sits doing nothing when I submit. Also, I am asked to sign in, unless I am in the forums then it shows me signed in!
Speed is chronically slow.

Click on my account link and get a page saying to press a different link instead.

It's very messy. It's getting to the stage now whereby it's almost unusable. As a software developer I find this really annoying.

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  • To Search, this is the link:

    ...I wrote another longer answer but then I lost it, Sorry. Take a look around, again, and you may see previous Threads and Users, concerning 'Maintenance' of this Forum. I meant to say that NAS or WebPM should be replying to Posts/Queries such as this, rather than Me...!

    ...As far as I know, the Search searches this Forum and not the rest of the NAS thingys (!)... but as I say, Mr. WebPM should be replying to this and not Me, especially concerning anything "sticky"...!

    (You are correct about the now hiding of the "search" button, though --- it is a recent change dating since late last year, and is more of a nuisance than the recent "Interruption Page" was.)

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