Near Troll posts

I don't want to embarrass the perpetrators of the posts by name, there have been more than one, but at times their appear troll like posts on these forums.

Perhaps it is inadvertant, but asking for advice and then showing little respect for the replies that are made in good faith, name calling using unacceptable language, putting across a belief that one has and then insisting this belief is irrefutable despite what others have said and with no evidence, or criticising others for valid views seems to me the sort of thing a troll would do. 

I don't know whether it is a 'road from Damascus' moment (the 'from' is deliberate as it seems to be that the eyes have been closed and not opened) but there has also been what appears to be a personality change at times.  We are autistic, but this does not mean we cannot work things out and with proper respect views can be contrary to those of others.  And sometimes there are members here with particular knowledge which is useful to others.  But posting information to further a theory of doubtful basis is not what I believe this forum is for, and one should expect others to put the alternative view.

I know I wind people up at times, hopefully not too many times on this forum.  But I do try to think about what I am saying, give information in good faith, accept other peoples contributions with good humour, and not spout rubbish. 

But there does seem at times to be people here with nothing to add to a conversation but spout nonsense.

  • I apologise Trainspotter, as we have now gone off on a complete tangent on your thread. However, it was done out of concern for Blueray’s wellfare (I fear, from previous threads this week, that she may have been feeling a bit belittled and unvalued), not with any intention to annoy or irritate yourself.

    No need to apologise for that, I regard people's welfare as paramount whatever I have said and that is more important.

    And I am guilty myself of going off on tangents, but I hope I never go off topic to spout controversial views.  I always try to 'engage brain' before opening my metaphorical mouth when replying to the posts on these forums.  Many posts I make take literally hours to put together, I tend not to put my thoughts down quickly and many times I write but don't post because I think it comes across the wrong way or in a way which wasn't intended.

    Whether my post does or does not refer to someone who has thought it is about them and replied here is not really my point. And I still will not single out any one person, there are posts from several different people over a period of time that are 'guilty' of the same thing.

    With freedom of speech comes responsibility.  A topic on say, favourite castles could go off topic occasionally to some town which has a castle,  and then another post could mention a famous inhabitant of that town or the beauty of that town and that would make interesting reading in that topic.

    But if someone then went on to write about their thoughts on global warming and putting controversial views that it was caused by the ingredients of milkshakes, that would in all probability be off topic and not suitable for that thread, especially if this then became a discussion about global warming or milkshakes rather than the original purpose of the thread.

    I just wanted to try to encourage the people to whom I was referring to think a bit more when posting, controversial posts will usually bring strong views which can then bring robust replies and in an off-topic post things can become unpleasant to read.  And it begins to look as if the only purpose of posting is because someone only wants to see their writing on the screen with no regard to the relevance to the topic or others reading it.

    I hope people continue to post on controversial subjects but please make a separate thread for it, and not change a 'friendly' thread into something controversial. 

    And that I hope will be my final word about this!

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