Being creative

I'm just wondering how many people on the spectrum are creative. 

I'm a poet, I've  had some published a few years ago. 

I'm quite prolific. I have a page on Facebook. 

  • I'm a writer, Ed.  I've published poetry, short fiction and one novel.

    It's another of those myths about autism that we lack creativity.  It probably derives from the 'rigidity of thinking' idea.  Yes, we can be focused on one thing and not want to be interrupted, and find it difficult to go back to if we are interrupted.  But that doesn't mean we don't have imagination, and aren't creative.  Many innovators and inventors are on the spectrum.  Then there are creative Aspies like Gary Numan, Paddy Considine, Dan Ackroyd, etc.  I'm pretty certain that Kafka was autistic.  Many writers and artists are/were, probably.

    I think that being on the outside looking in can be a very definite advantage.  You're not hamstrung by certain ways of looking at things.  We don't just think outside the box, either.  We break the box down and make something else out of it entirely!

  • I think that depends on your definition of creative. I can be creative in the fact I can create things. I'm good at model making and cake decorating. However I'm not so creative with ideas. I like to have a picture to follow so I have an image of what it will look like.