Having Trouble Logging In!

Hi all!x

For some reason, I'm no longer to log in to NAS via Chrome, which is quite frustrating! It comes up with the error message "Error in ASP.layouts_nas_commonelements_mastheader_ascx" at the top of the page - is anyone able to help me access my account from Chrome again?x

Much love <3

  • I find Chrome works best for me (sorry, no consolation I know!)

  • Sorry to hear that you have had difficulties.

    This doesn't sound so much like a problem with sign-ins specifically, as a glitch in the website software. Assuming that the problem is still happening, I'd recommend:

    By the latter, I mean that you can do any of the following with the same result:

    • Go to the WWW site, sign in there, then follow the link at top right to the Community
    • Come to the Community site, sign in on its home page, then find a topic of interest and reply
    • Come to the Community site, find a topic of interest, write your reply, and only sign in when asked to do so

    Whichever one you have done previously, I am suggesting trying a different route.

    If none of that helps, please contact us on the Web team using the site feedback form, which is linked in the footer of any page, mentioning this thread.