It all makes sense.....

Although I am not officially diagnosed Aspergers although I'm 99.9% confident I am and still awaiting my first assesment I cannot help but think my love for Mathematics and Computers and playing chess could be related possibly to being an Aspie.

I have always found Maths interesting and although never an expert on it would consider myself good at it. Last Semptember I enrolled on a Maths GCSE course at my local college it lasted about 9 months I skipped a few weeks and end of year revision classes but still managed to pass and found out only 22% of adults aged 17+ actually passed the maths GCSE this year so I was really proud when I got my results a few weeks ago. 

I also enrolled on an computer course level 1 and passed this too all with working full time and living with a wife and kids. It was hard and stressful mind as I couldn't find my much needed time out but the enjoyment of working my brain made it worth while. I don't know if any of you are the same but I love working things out or fixing things or playing games console to keep my mind ticking feels great.

Anyway I also love chess I was in chess club at school and even beat a chess player whilst on holiday who kept bragging he was the "chess master". I find it hard playing chess on a games console for some reason and alot easier on the actual board game maybe because I'm up close and get a better view.

Anyway my point of this short story is I'm thinking maybe why I excel at things I enjoy could be related to being an Aspie and it would make sense.

Do any others on here enjoy Mathematics, Computers and Chess?

  • There is so much I would like to say about this.

    But for now I will say I do like computers and did try very hard to take on board how they worked, my first being an 80286 with green screen monitor. MS DOS and 5 1/4 inch floppy disks Lol.  many a late night reading through books trying to see how I could upgrade it, first a graphics card, wasn’t very successful as the whole mother board was over whelmed.

    It felt great if I managed to improve its performance by even a little.

     Anyway I have no ability to maintain computers or write code ,I just find them fascinating.

     Maths,,,well,,that is another strange concept as I do enjoy the idea but my memory has always been defective which means anything more than three sets of digits and I can no longer hold the digits in my mind. Although strangely I never stop counting! Yes absolutely everything I see I count, I can never remember what the total is even if it is something I look at every day all day, say for instance the number of tiles along our kitchen work surface. I count more if my anxiety levels rise. So letters on road signs, cats eyes if not continuous,,chevrons, 

    chess I enjoyed a great deal but not very often a winner, again memory stopped me working out several moves ahead.

     My point is we all present in different ways, computers does seem a common interest amongst many. 

    Also thier seems to be a lot who work in data, the care industry and just recently on here teachers.

    I do out door manual work,,I do it very well and every job I do is as perfect as it can be regardless of what it is for.

     Just my thoughts. 

    Take care and be yourself.

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