Characters that are not specified as on the spectrum but probably are. Discuss.

We watch our films, TV shows and read our books. Some might listen to radio plays, play video games or indulge in other forms of entertainment.

There was a thread the other day where someone mentioned Melvin Udell from As Good as it Gets may be on the spectrum.

So in this thread we discuss characters that have never been expressly named as being Autistic but more than likely are in our opinion.

I'll start. The Driver from Drive. He has a specific interest, cars and driving them. Doesn't seem keen on physical contact. Seems awkward around other people. Doesn't make friends easily but when he does he is very loyal. Lots of other hints there imo.

Cadet Sylvia Tilly from Star Trek Discovery. She has lots of traits, extroverted for sure but very direct (awkwardly though) and was introduced as someone who had lots of aversions to fabrics and materials. Has her own quarters because she was deemed to have "special needs". Was clearly bothered when someone slept in her bed even though both beds were identical. Was fast tracked because of her aptitude in specific things but is inept at others, sometimes. I was pretty disappointed when they toned it down in the second half of the series. I was enjoying watching the way the character was sort of Aspie. I found her relatable.

So has anyone else seen a character they have an idea about?

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