All-purpose biscuit thread. To dunk or not to dunk, biscuit ethics, favourite biscuits for special occasions, etc.

Split off from this thread, because it was getting too silly:

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  • ...This Thread is slowly grinding to a halt... Maybe I can extend it a little, by pointing out something(s) quite different but not completely...

    After Biscuits have finished being eaten or dunked in whatnot... if the Cutlery is not washed straightaway, then Carbohydrates are well known to set as hard as Concrete... I have to scrape them off in boiling water, or leave them to soak for HOURS... does anyone else have any other/better solutions?

    Also, there is the thing about eating a Biscuit and for some reason the biscuit decides that crumbling allover a place is a better thing to do than being fully ingested by the consumer. Sometimes a part of a stranger's biscuit may decide to follow one Home by adhering to the bottom of a foot, and is noticed later on and wondered about, via "I don't remember eating anything that looked like THAT colour" sort of curiosity... This includes Crackers, Cakes, and Sweets, who all conspire together towards such anarchy...

    ...And so that is a "Biscuit" Thread, from the point-of-view of someone who no longer eats them (unless they are 95% Meat).   End of Post...!