One week sober and...

...all I want to do is go out and get a nice bottle or two of red wine.

Not to get bladdered.  Not because my body is craving booze.

But just to get some relief from all the greed, selfishness, vanity, savagery, bigotry, trash and plain stupidity I can't help noticing all around me!

I don't need to make a list.  It's everything from violence in Gaza and Derry, to desperate refugees being turned back out to sea by populist governments, to people leaving their crap everywhere, to pre-school kids of Generation Z with their heads stuck in their phones.

The human race is nuts.  It's doomed.

I've found myself sleeping much more now.  Over the weekend, I've napped at regular intervals.  I've tried reading, but can't focus on it for long enough.  Sleep gives me some reprieve.  Death's second self.

I just want to escape.

"Accident black spot?  These aren't accidents.  People are throwing themselves into the road willingly to escape all this hideousness.  Go ahead, darling!  Throw yourself into the road!"

Withnail - 'Withnail and I'

(now I'll shut up and go hide again...)