Nothing to do with Autism, only about Takeaway Foods

Sorry to bother you good folks, about this, but I was just wondering. KFC are closing and re-opening a lot of branches lately. I just wondered if anyone else has noticed or can confirm that the real reason for doing this is nothing to do with "delivery problems", but rather the fact that they have to completely empty all of their storage facilities of Non-Halal Meat, before they can put Halal Meat in there...?

(The thing about Halal Meat is that it is not supposed to be with other Meat.)

I live in London, and KFCs which did not sell Halal Meat before, sell it now, I think, but it is Hot and so I cannot check this myself. I only post this now because when summer is over, this business will likely be over as well. What happens to this Thread after my saying this does not really matter, for I am only wondering if anyone else has noticed this. (There should be a little symbol upon a front door/window saying "HMC Certified", or something, which was not there before.)