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EDIT: This Thread was called:

Deleting/Editing/Posts/Messages Here, Please

But the deed is done, now.

(This is a New Thread about it. I expect this to be short lived, as most persons here understand not at all the reasons for it!

This Thread may be a "HotBed" for Editing, Deleting, and Re-Posting any Messages/Posts that anyone wants to make. If anyone does not yet understand that, it *should* become clear after a few Posts --- PLEASE Everyone feel free to delete/Edit/RePost here! (This could even turn into a kind of "message board" Thread...?)

P.S. - Try and keep it polite, else NAS may read what is said and Delete/Deleted-User yourself. It is "chat" that may be changed, here.)

  • This is another kind of "Maintenance" Thread. I should say that whenever I myself Edit a Post with a response, then I always write "Edit". But that is just myself. Thank You for reading. (I might sign off now, at nearly One AM.)

    EDIT!!! (Thursday)

    I wonder if next to none shall notice... yet the reason for this Thread is rather moot now. I may blank it, surreptitiously... meantime, editing Posts does not draw it back into the fore. In short, Thank You to Mr LoneWarrior... the job was done.

    I let this Thread drop away to be forgotten...   :-O

  • This is also another kind of maintenance thread, in reply to DC.

    I will edit it but will give each edit a new date and time added as it continues. X()x

    Start date for first reply ,

    16:05:2018 / 02:27.