Question for the autistic artists on here - struggling with observing details, I see too many


I have been drawing for quite a long time, but recently since letting all my masks down and not suppressing parts of my autism I have begun to struggle with observation skills. 

I see so much detail and it comes in all at the same "volume" and all the time. It has become so distracting that I can't break things down into basic shapes and shadows to build the first steps of my drawings. It is hard to also see the object as an overall thing, I get stuck on the details within in it. It is so overwhelming that I just stare at my paper get really anxious and then give up. 

I have tried things like grid drawing - perhaps my grid squares are too large?

I realise being able to see the detail is a good thing, but is there any methods anyone has worked out to get around it when it is too much. Harness it in a positive way as it were?

I know some of it will be practice but I am going round in circles (actually mostly shading spheres at the moment).

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