Why does the autism logo keep changing? & what is it?

Hi I thought I would start this thread because I am getting a tattoo of the autism logo, and on searching I found there are a few so which is the real logo? For many years it was the puzzle piece which I see most of, but the National autistic society logo is different and they sell pins and badges with the purple and pink logo on this site, then there is the autism awareness which is a ribbon with the puzzle piece pattern, IV seen butterflies, trees, and I’m a little lost, which is it? 

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  • Greetings. This may not be helpful, sorry, however...

    One single Logo for Autism is a bit like one for Science or The Internet... there are too many opinions and they do not decide upon a single symbol.

    Were I in your position, to avoid confusion, if I wanted a Tattoo representing "Autism" (Or Asperger(s)), I would simply get a Tattoo which is just that word. In English. (!)

    However, you may be succint about it, like certain Footballers, and simply get the word Tattooed in a different language...

    This is the JAPANESE word for "Autism", Japanese being a popular language for Tattoos:


    ...any one of those three. They are all the same word, and they all say the same thing. 

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