Issues with greetings, saying "Hello" and using peoples names.

Hi All,

Just wondered if anyone else could identify with the problems I have around greetings. Every day when my partner comes home and shouts "Hi" it's like I have a mental block that makes me feel slightly angry and I just don't want to say hello to him. It's almost a physical reaction that I cannot force myself to do it. It's not that I am not happy he's home its just getting past that initial greeting. The same thing can happen when I visit people close to me such as my Mum. I prefer to just start chatting about something important than have to say "Hello" It just feels a bit pointless. 

I also have an issue with using names. I never call my boyfriend by his name (to his face, can use his name when talking about him), never have done with previous boyfriends either or many people that I am close too, this has been a problem and upset people including my Dad as I found it hard to call him Dad. It's amazing how easy it is to get away without the need for use of names.  

All of this is easier for me with people I am not so familiar with. Doesn't mean I enjoy it, just find it easier going through these motions with people that I have to - like those at work, than people I am closer to. 

Could this be an autism trait or is this a whole new issue?