National Key Scheme for toilets.

I have had a 'Radar' National Key Scheme key for some time.

I find public toilets impossible, they are smelly and unhygeinic with wet (urine) soaked floors, rudimentary handwashing facilities, and only slightly better than wetting myself. I will only use one when absolutely desperate.   I therefore thought that as I was Autistic I would get a key so I could use the 'disabled' toilet.

Problem is, I cannot bring myself to use it.  I do not have a wheelchair or have physical problems using a 'normal' toilet.  The problems I have are a mental aversion.  On the odd occasion I have used the 'disabled' toilet (what a strange name, it is not the toilet that is disabled, it works perfectly!) it is because the normal one is out of use.  And it has always been a lot cleaner and more pleasant.

So should I just grit my teeth and bear the normal toilets?  Or should I ignore the (perceived) thoughts of those who think I should not use the disabled toilet.  Or is it the case I should not use the disabled toilet at all as they are only intended for those who are physically disabled?

  • I would suggest you ignore your own thoughts. Leave other people free to have their own thoughts and use the toilet for disabled people. Or are you saying you can actually hear the thoughts of others? And that’s why you have to consider ignoring them??

    Under the social model of disability, which replaced the medical model, we are disabled so you therefore have a legitimate right to use the toilet. You can use it with a clear conscious. 

    One thing though. Don’t go to India. You would never survive their toilets. Not without a considerable amount of effort. 

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