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so i am a fan of a video game called undertale and one of the main reasons is because it has so many morals and moments and things you can learn from it heck i heard of a man who got his will back to live from this game anyways the main thing i'm getting too is how i show people these things like moments that made my cry on the inside or morals you learn from moments of the game and they just go "cool" and that's it and i don't like that because people don't seem to get the meanings behind these moments and characters and the strange things is people can react like that to books and movies but not this game and not just undertale but other things as well that i fell in love with because of some of this and people just don't seem to care as much as i do and that kinda makes me feel like i'm the only one who got the "feels" in amazing videos made by fans that portray these moments perfectly like (you will only know these if you played undertale) when undyne became undyne the undying and what she said before and after and papyrus always believing in you and sans and even mettaton and asriel and both pacifist and genocide and more so what i'm saying is that people don't seem to get  the morals and meanings like i do and even if i tell them they will just go "cool".

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  • But you’re not a lone wolf, you’re not an outcast, and you're certainly not different. Not from me anyway, and neither are you any different from many others on here. Sure, we’re a bit different from most people, but hey, we’re mostly kind of glad about that.

    Absolutely.  Before my diagnosis, though - so before I had a proper context for how I was - it was very reassuring to read writers like Bukowski.  He lived the kind of life I live, and made art out of it.  Gave it meaning.  It's like a celebration of failure (that is, 'failure' as broader society defines it), which is something I've always gone for.  I wrote a fictional comic blog for a couple of years, about a washed-up guy in his fifties, with no proper job and a string of unsuccessful relationships behind him, living in a damp and seedy rented flat in a crummy town.  His mates are mainly drunks and stoners, failed writers, failed musos, etc.  It was kind of like a cross between 'The Last of the Summer Wine' and 'Trainspotting', if you can imagine that.  It was quite popular.  But then the blog platform shut down, and it was all lost.  I've tried reviving it on other platforms, but without the same success.  Many people commented that it was about time that those at the 'down' end of the scale got their proper recognition.  I tried turning it into a novel, but it didn't work.  It wasn't meant to be a novel.  Most people's lives aren't like novels - they don't have a plot and a neat resolution.  It's same sh*t, different day.  Or same day, different sh*t!  This is what Bukowski realised.  It's why I love his writing so much.

    In the context of day-to-day life, away from forums like this, I very much am the lone wolf.  And I cast myself out more than I'm cast out by others.  It's how I prefer to be.  Outside, looking in.  Not in, where you really can't see anything!